So, the other day a girl I knew from high school posted on insta. It was a photo from my junior year, with five of us that used to be friends. She’s only friends with one of the girls in the photo now, and shocker it’s not me.

She captioned it, “before people became fake bitches……… in a weird mood. thanks for all the friends that stayed true #staygold”

I’m writing because it was a moment where I realized how much I’ve grown. I looked at the photo and I wasn’t mad. I was disappointed that the friendship didn’t work, but not really that upset.


A year ago a post like that would have killed me. I would have thought about it for hours, days, probably even weeks. I would have constantly gone over ever aspect of our friendship and tried to figure out what I did wrong, where I went wrong. I would have found a way to blame myself, to make myself feel guilty.

But I didn’t. I acknowledged that I have moved on. Our friendship wasn’t working for me, so I separated myself. I wasn’t rude, I just separated myself.

So in this moment I’m proud of myself. And I’m writing a small post, acknowledging my tiny personal victory.

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