My PHP Experience

After trying a dozen meds and still being unsuccessful, at one point this past summer I decided to try a PHP program.

For those who don’t know, it’s a step below impatient hospitalization. You check in every morning and leave every afternoon. But it is intensive, and most times at least five days a week.

I had turned 18 a few months earlier, so I had no other option than an adult program. Which, ended up being very unfortunate for me. I know many people who have gone through PHP programs and found them to be life changing, and extremely helpful. That wasn’t the case for me.

I arrived around 8am, and began all of the intake paper work. They asked the typical questions: are you suicidal?, do you self harm?, drugs and alcohol?. I answered honestly and then the other patients (that had already completed intake) began to arrive.

In my first group I realized I was the only teen. There was one other women in her late twenties, but everyone else was past 40. The discussion revolved around one women who was being discharged that day. And then somehow drifted towards a debate about celebrities that marry young and if the spouses are solely in it for the money. I was at a loss. We were supposed to be helping each other with our stories and coping mechanisms. However it felt more like a gossip session.

When the first group got out I was hopeful that the next one would be better. However, when we all walked out a man was sitting in the waiting room furious. He said he had finished his intake paper work an hour ago and wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing. The counselor simply looked up, took the papers, and said sorry we must have forgot about you.

I fully acknowledge that I’m a control freak. So being in this situation, with no control and such a complete and total lack of organization I lost it. Everyone went outside for lunch, and I made it to the hallway before I had to stop. I couldn’t breathe. My anxiety was horrible and I started crying.

I went in and talked to the women in charge saying that I didn’t think this was the best program for me. She said that it is the best that I’m going to get being 18, and that I should really try to stick it out for at least a day. But I refused. I was more anxious than I had been in weeks and had no intention of experiencing anymore of that program. So the women reluctantly discharged me, and sent me on my way. It’s been a month now and the hospital hasn’t called to follow up at all. Which, to me just speaks even further to the disorganization and faults the program was full of.

I know that it was the right thing for me to try, but also definitely the right thing for me to leave when I did. I have the experience, and unfortunately it wasn’t great. I will definitely be more hesitant towards group therapy in the future. But I know that everyone’s experiences are different, and I’m grateful that programs designed to help people with mental health are in place.

Here Goes…

This will hopefully be the first of many posts. An outlet for me to share my feelings, struggles, stories, and simply be unapologetically me.

First of all, this isn’t a place full of bright and happy. I struggle with depression and anxiety. In order to remain honest, many of my stories will be dark and twisty~ just like Grey’s Anatomy.

Tonight, was a low for me so I decided to start this blog. I reached a moment where I had no idea what to do, where to turn to. In the past months my father, a recovering alcoholic relapsed. Triggering my anxiety and depression to skyrocket. And moving out, starting college is not making anything more manageable.

It’s a Saturday night, and only the second week of college. I should be off partying. However, because of my father’s newly lacking sobriety, alcohol is one of MANY triggers for me. Making the whole college social life experience a bit difficult. Luckily, I’m not too far from home, and still have supports I can turn to. Friends that didn’t go away to school, family, and of course my amazing therapist.

But tonight, was a night where nothing in particular went wrong. I went to the movies with some friends and came back to my dorm early. Then anxiety struck. Just me alone in my dorm, not in danger, not in a stressful social situation, just alone. Yet I felt so misplaced, like something was so wrong.

So, I did the usual array of coping techniques. I did a yoga video, read some of my book, even tried binging some Netflix. But NOPE. No relief. So, then I turned to my one not so healthy coping mechanism. Cutting. I’ve been cutting for a few months now, but never seriously hurt myself.

I’m not sure why I do it. The relief is instant, however minimal and very short lived. But standing in front of a mirror, my stomach dripping in blood I still felt no relief.

Sometimes I find that nothing helps, and that you just have to hope that you are strong enough to keep going. Or strong enough to reach out for help. So tonight, I’m going to sleep, or at least attempting to sleep, with the feeling of anxiety in my chest, and hopelessness in my heart.

*If you or someone you know is in need of help, NEVER be ashamed. Reaching out is one of the strongest things you can do.